Business Relationship Coaching for executives

Understand your role in companies and in the world to achieve your goals

Business Relationship Coaching for executives

Understand your role in companies and in the world to achieve your goals


We use psychoanalysis fundamentals to help executives discover their personal and professional core.

We believe in theories that make sense in practice and vice versa. We have an original and efficient way of understanding business relationships to improve your and your team’s performance.

Our processes are customized and focus on the needs of each client, without rules or predetermined tasks.



    Individual process of thinking and learning, aiming to align the executive to his or her team and to the company itself


    It helps teams and executives to better understand the work dynamics and the role of each team member focusing on groups.


    Professional guidance for teenagers and young people going through decisive turning points in their careers, such as taking the SAT's, finishing graduate school or starting their first job


Denise Carpegiani

I’m a Psychoanalyst specialized in working with executives, having more than 30 years of experience with personal and professional development.

I first learned about Coaching in 1998, when the concept was not yet widespread in Brazil. By then I already had 13 years of clinical experience and was making a career transition to be a consultant at SaadFellipelli. That’s where I started testing some Coaching methods with my clients.

In 2000, I was invited to implement and direct the Coaching Division of RightSaadFellipelli. Five years later, I left the consulting firm to start a solo career and put into practice my own style of Coaching, based on the European School.

In the psychoanalysis or business offices, my main goal is to provide tools to make people’s lives easier. I learned in my professional experience that we cannot help the executive without helping the person, and that’s a very important insight to me.


  • Psychologist specialized in Strategic Business Management at FGV
  • Psychoanalyst and coach at ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Lecturer and guest professor in Coaching in MBA courses at IBMEC and Fundação Dom Cabral
  • Certified in Brazil by MBTI®, Firo B®, Strong®, Hogan and others tools


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